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Repentez-vous, changez de vie, devenez de bons catholiques pour le salut de votre âme.
de l'islam à Jésus-Christ
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Sheikhs of Alazhar: Quranists are Apostates

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Sheikhs of Alazhar: Quranists are Apostates Empty Sheikhs of Alazhar: Quranists are Apostates

Message  Admin Jeu 25 Fév - 22:25

Sheikhs of Alazhar: Quranists are Apostates; and the Evidence from the Holy Book Proves Their Guilt

Lately, the Quranists’ case occupied the Egyptian public and the religious circles. The Department of Islamic Research at Al-Azhar is currently studying the Fatwa prepared by the Sunna Committee at the department to consider the Quranists to be apostates if they insist to continue refusing the Sunna as a second source of Sharia . On the other hand, The Misdemeanor Court in Cairo decided to arrest what is known as “the Quranists Group” for more fifteen days for investigating the charges of Contempt of Religion, advocating non-stream ideas that cause disturbances in the society.

ALsharq Alawsat asked many Sheikhs of AL-Azhar whether there are proofs from the holy Quran that Sunna is a revelation from God (and since it should be considered as obligatory as the holy Quran)? Alsharq Alawsat asked as well whether these Quranists are really Muslims or not, and whether there are justifications for their call to rely on the holy Quran alone and ignore the Sunna?

Dr. Mohamed Said Tantawy, the Sheikh of AL-Azhar, replied saying that those who call for relying only on the holy Quran are ignorant, lairs, and do not know religious rules because the ideas in the Sunna came from God, but it was put into words by the prophet (Peace be upon him). Moreover, Sunna explains and clarify the rules mention as in the holy Quran.

Dr. Ahmed Eltayeb, the former Moftie (Official Fatwas Issuer), and the current president of AL-Azhar University, commented saying that such calls to separate between the Quran and Sunna are as old as Islam itself, implying that the prophet himself predicted such calls. Finally, Dr. Eltayeb added that without the Sunna, most of this religion would have been lost, and Islam would have been a religion of generalities without an identity.

As for Dr. Abdelhakim ELsayedi, a professor at Al-Azhar University, He relied on the Hadith that says “I came with the Quran and a similar book,” to prove that the Sunna is Godly. Not to mention that the holy Quran does not explain how should Muslims pray, pay charity, fast, or perform the pilgrimage.

Dr. Yousef Elbadry, a member of the Higher Assembly of Islamic Affairs, accuses the Quranists of having a strange logic because relying on the holy Quran only; while the Quran itself -as he claims- is in need for the Sunna,. Dr. ELbadry wonders what the Quranists say about verses like, “He who obeys the messenger obeys God?” Dr. Elbadry added that these Quranists went astray and should be considered apostates.

Dr. Mohamed Abdelmonem Elberry, a professor at the School of Hadith and Explanation, Al-Azhar University, stressed the point that most Muslims have always agreed on validity of the Sunna, whether it is the verbal of practical Sunna. “The holy Quran ordered us to obey the Messenger, and since this who do not are not true believers,” He added.

Dr. Mahmoud Ashour, a member of the Committee of Islamic Research, that the Sunna is indeed a source of the Islamic Sharia, and that those who deny it are illogical because it is impossible to understand Islam without the Sunna. Dr. Ashour stresses that denying the Sunna costs the Quranists to lose their faith. He then called to protect Islam against those Quranists who plan to destroy Islam and pose the greatest threat on Islam and Muslims. He finally accused the Quranists to be spies and agents for other forces to aim at destroying Islam from Inside, but God will protect his religion as he promised.


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Sheikhs of Alazhar: Quranists are Apostates Empty Re: Sheikhs of Alazhar: Quranists are Apostates

Message  yacoub Sam 29 Sep - 15:52

Ce serait bien une traduction dans la langue de Hollande

Muhammad interrogea quelques femmes: « Le témoignage d'une femme ne vaut-il pas la moitié de celui d'un homme? » Elles répondirent:« Oui ». Il leur dit: « C'est en raison de la déficience intellectuelle de la femme. » (Hadith Sahih Bukhari Vol. 3:826)

Muhammad a dit: « J'ai vu l'enfer peuplé surtout de femmes. » (Hadith Sahih Bukhari Vol. 1:28.301; 2:161; 7:124)

S'adressant à d'autres femmes, il leur dit:« Je n'ai vu personne aussi dépourvu que vous d'intelligence et de religion.» (Hadith Sahih Bukhari Vol. 2:541)

Muhammad a dit: « Je n'ai laissé après moi aucune calamité plus préjudiciable aux hommes que les femmes. » (Hadith Sahih Bukhari Vol. 7:33)

Muhammad a dit: « Ne portez pas de fausses chevelures car Allah envoie Sa malédiction sur les femmes qui font allonger leurs cheveux par des moyens artificiels. » (Hadith Sahih Bukhari Vol 7:133)

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